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Do you have it or not?

Published: 19 Nov 2013


We have the following scenario: you’re at karaoke one night and somebody hears your voice and wants to make you a deal. What do you do? Do you write your name on a napkin? A business card will get you out of these situations, just because they exist. The business card represents you, being the key element when you met new people or possible future clients.

Your clothes say something about you, don’t they? Well, your business card says too. Be careful though, it’s possbile that a mediocre business card will not be taken into consideration. Try to be original and pimp your brand in a way that you will be remebered. An awesome business card will defenetly make a difference.

Everybody knows what a business card should include. I only tell you to remember to brand yourself the best way you can. The same way as your voice is a brand, try to put a little bit of you in your business card. It's the little details that make a difference.

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