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Invest in success

Published: 01 Nov 2013


You want to be successful, don’t you? I mean, who doesn’t? Take a look at these 5 tips on how to improve your chances of being successful.

1 - Start by having a variety of demos. You could be surprised when someone falls in love with your accent.

2 - Audition everywhere! Even if you don’t think you stand a chance, you got nothing to lose. Just, you know, one or two new projects added to your portofolio!

3 - Upgrade your equipment. Having a good sound quality, the feedback will automatically be better.

4 - Keep up with the online world! Read bloggs, connect with people and join forums. You never know what occasions will appear!

5 - Stay positive! Just because you weren’t chosen for one particular project, that doesn’t mean you aren’t good enough. If one door closes, two others open!

Image courtesy of thaikrit FreeDigitalPhotos.net