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Talk, talk, talk... but be careful

Published: 12 Nov 2013


Being a voiceover is not an easy job. You have got to take good care of your instrument (yes, those cord are making your voice an instrument), but most importantly, you have to know how to take care of it.

Many times, you tend to ignore a simple cold just because you don’t think it’s important. Behind that common cold, a nasty virus may be hiding. Your vocal cords, especially for you as a voiceover, are very important, because, you know.. you depend on them and your career does as well.

Besides the basic alimentation like: fruits, vegetables, cereals and honey, it would be good to avoid the fizzy drinks and salt. They are known to be causes of you vocal cords’ distruction. Also, rest is very important so don’t try to pass sleeping.

Just remember, a good voice is always better if it’s taken care of like it should. So next time when you have a simple cold that just won’t go away, think of the importance of your vocal health.

Image courtesy of thaikritFreeDigitalPhotos.net