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Published: 11 Oct 2013


Motivation or starvation?

voiceover motivate

There are people out there who are much more easily motivated. For example, Houdini made it his life goal to perform his sensational escape acts. One might think what on earth would possess him as to put his life in danger for an apparently useless ability? The answer is simple ,motivation.

Motivation is what makes us do crazy, silly or even dangerous things. We must feed a need. But where does the motivation come from? Well, from a click. A small button in our heads that makes us not only wanting things but also obtaining them. You just have to know how to press it.

Sit back and think about why would your target clients want your product? How would it help them? What kind of issue do they have? How would you help them fix it? Why should people trust your product? If you have the answer to all of these question then you got yourselfsomething they could resonate with. A little stimulator for their MotivationButton. (There’s only one thing left, finding the best VO to help you click. Smile )