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Published: 28 Sep 2013

confused voiceover The voices in our heads Many people are shocked the first time they discover their recorded voice. It may sound a bit nasal, childish, different,

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Published: 20 Sep 2013

voiceover mouth *Pop* excuse me, *blop* oups, that won’t happen again! Mouth noise can be a real problem when you record something.It has many causes, from medic

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Published: 13 Sep 2013

smile voiceover Everything sounds better with a smile Can you hear IT? Have you ever noticed how a rigid conversation with your business partner can become a frie

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Published: 06 Sep 2013

voiceover african Sorry, can you tell me your name again? I’m sure that sometime in your life someone has mispronounced your name and maybe you did it too. It ma

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Published: 30 Aug 2013

voiceover demo Great demo!... But how great are you? We recently got in our inbox a great demo. We were thrilled by that delightful sound.. until we had a live me

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